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We often get asked what separates a good Mobile App Development from a great one. It’s pretty simple, really: the user. You see, designing a great mobile app is much more than just pretty screens. It’s about the customer journey — the path your users take starting the moment they download your app, and includes all the critical steps they take in the process of reaching the goals you defined as part of your mobile app strategy. Depending on the nature of your app, this user experience (UX) design could include app store discovery, first launch/on-boarding, social/sharing, checkout/purchase, re-engagement, and much more.

Whether you’re an Apple fan or a die-hard Android disciple, we can be friends because we code for both. We make all kinds of apps, but we tend to focus on the kind that achieves business goals. Our teams specialize in apps that simplify tasks for users and become a part of their daily lives.


831 Vision is an Apple Enterprise Developer. That means we can build in-house apps that are not available on the AppStore. This comes in especially handy if you need a tool to manage your customers or website, or automate tasks in a private environment.

We start with a discovery phase where we define the goals and technical specifications. Once we have the road map defined, its full speed ahead with a wireframe model. We tweak, you approve, and then we build storyboards that begin to illustrate the end deliverable. We tweak, you approve, then it’s time to design and develop a working demo. Tweak, approve. The final step is quality-assurance and testing. Tweak, approve. It’s off to the App Store where tap-happy smartphoners by the hundreds will snap it up and bask in its glory.

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