How Do We Compete?
Be Mobile

Mobile device usage will continue to rise exponentially in the next 20 years. When choosing the right video platform service, you want to make sure that your viewers will be able to swiftly watch your videos on their mobile devices. 831 Vision Streaming provides a Live Video Encoder and Live Archiving to all devices, including iOs, iPhone, iPad, and Android, so your viewers can watch your video content whenever they want.
Monetize your way to success

Make sure your video platform service has what you need to monetize your videos. This can be a great source of extra revenue. Monetizing maximizes your content to its fullest and helps to support your marketing and sales teams through advertising, pay per view or syndication deals. 831 Vision Streaming also provides a way for you to password protect your content which can be combined with charging for distribution of the password. Seeing green yet?
Juice it Up with SEO!
Being on the top of the search list is very important–especially with all the competing media on the internet. To make sure that users can find YOUR content quickly and easily, you need to be first on the search engine list. SEO (Search Engine Optimization,) is the key driving factor. At 831 Vision Streaming, we provide flexible metadata in HTML, easy click-path to media files to benefit web crawlers, H1 titles, and meta-tags to create more SEO “juice” on your content.
Understanding your needs
When choosing a media company, make sure they have the experience, knowledge, patience and know-how to support your every need. 831 Vision Streaming offers you a world-class team of engineers and streaming professionals to ensure that the right feature sets and solutions are applied to your specific needs, including compatibility with most popular CMS Website platforms like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

Easily integrate into these and other platforms with our easy to use Media Portal tools which allow you to customize and create Live Streams, Record, and Program Playlists with a touch of a button.
Live Video Transcoding
When you are live broadcasting, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your video stream is working. At 831 Vision Streaming, we make that easy for you. Broadcasters connect via a single HD stream that is converted into a 3 multi-bitrate experience. The content is delivered with adaptive streaming so everyone gets the best experience possible for their viewing device. Happy customers all around!
Format Flexibility is Key
Each new person comes with a different device to view video content. As a media company, you have many types of users viewing your material.

When looking for a video platform service, you want to make sure all viewers are being taken care of. At 831 Vision Streaming, Flexible Distribution support is available at the click of a button. Support includes closed captioning, TV/OTT, Desktop, Apple HLS, Android, and IP Cameras utilizing Adaptive Streaming. This ensures all viewers have a great experience with you anywhere, anytime, with any device!
Non Profit & Faith Based Org Benefits
Are you a non-profit 501 (3)(C)? If so, please let us know because we think you are special. In choosing 831 Vision Streaming, you will get a custom discount program that is tailored to your organization’s requirements. Now you can support people in the global community as well as right in your own back yard.
Raise Your Conversion to ALL Devices
Convert all of your existing video on the fly with 831 Vision Streaming’s Encoding and Conversion. We make your streaming media playable on TV, Mac, PCs, laptops and all mobile devices including iPhone, iPad and Android. Get the best encoding system so your viewers never miss a second.

Key Advantages include: 
– Streaming delivery and support for all popular codecs and formats. 
– Mobile Streaming delivery for iOS and Android via Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS). 
– Desk top and HD OTT delivery supported by RTMP and Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS). 
– The SMH Video Platform with Mobile support.

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