831Vision Protect

Secure delivery without sacrificing performance. 831Vision PROTECT enables data and video stream protection through secure features right into our CDN platforms.

  • Increased Network Performance and Reliability: We offload the heavy-duty workload of encryption.
  • Faster Delivery of Private Content and Supporting Data: We deliver content to your audience via strategically placed, secure caching locations worldwide.
  • A Wide Variety of Authentication Options: Including certifications, proxy authentication, token-based authentication, geo-based blocking.
  • A Streamlined, Cost-Effective Approach to IT Management: By eliminating the need to build out more infrastructure, or devote more internal resources to IT as your business grows. Also, save bandwidth related costs and minimize round trips to the origin.

Why Choose 831Vision for Secure Delivery Service?

  • Proven Experience: 831Vision has been delivering secure online content and transactions for large enterprises, e-commerce companies and government agencies for more than a decade. We not only know what it takes to protect your data, we have the infrastructure necessary to help improve the service, speed and reliability of those transactions.
  • Network Control with 24 x 7 Monitoring: We control and manage our network security capacity and traffic flow around the clock, so you can rely on us to securely deliver your sensitive content at peak traffic demands and during flash crowds.
  • Global Reach and Speed: Utlizing the most Tier 1 IP networks in the world, More than 50% or more of traffic originating on our network stays on our network. This makes us capable of enabling fast, reliable and secure delivery of your private content worldwide.
  • Scalability: We invest in network capacity and secure storage to support your private transactions and files. We are dedicated to helping our customers keep pace with the demands of an increasingly networked world. We couple a broad service portfolio with one of the world’s most scalable end-to-end networks to deliver a set of solutions built for the 21st century.

Technical Features / Capabilities

  • Secure Socket Layers (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) Encryption: Using these cryptographic protocols, we can encrypt the segments of network connections at the Transport Layer end-to-end.
  • Security Certificates: You can use a shared certification, or provide your own. We support single site, wildcard, Extended Validation (EV) and SAN security certificates.
  • Proxy Server Authentication: You can send the authentication credentials for protected content to your origin server for verification, or you can use the origin server for content and an authentication server to verify credentials.
  • Token-Based Authentication: You can use this form of authentication to verify that the protected content’s URL did not change between the time it was published and the time the end-user requested it. It also ensures that any end-user requests for content that take place outside of the valid time window are rejected.
  • Geo-Based Blocking: Using this authentication feature, you can anonymously identify end users’ physical locations based on their IP addresses, and determine if access to your content should be approved or denied by the CDN.
  • Use TLS certificates (Transport Layer Security) to create secure HTTP connections so that data can be sent securely across the web.
  • Token-based authentication: Used to grant or deny access to content; prevent unauthorized users and websites from linking to customer content and levering customer bandwidth.

As more and more of your confidential business communications and transactions are hosted online, it’s more critical than ever to protect that data with the highest-quality online security solutions. However, encrypted delivery and authentication services can slow your network performance, and greatly increase the complexity and expense of your IT management. So, how can you protect your sensitive data without sacrificing web performance or taking on the burden and cost of managing it yourself? By teaming with 831Vision to deliver your private content over a global Content Delivery Networks (CDN).